Sharon Walther

About Sharon Walther

Senior Paralegal

Sharon Walther is Fenchel Family Law’s Senior Paralegal.

Sharon compassionately helps navigate through what is often described by our clients as the worst times of their lives keeps them focused on moving their lives forward with her combination of experience, empathy, and humor.

Sharon’s dedication to her job is like no paralegal we have ever met. When she is not meeting with our clients at our office, she may be found personally assisting our clients at their homes, tracking down an opposing party evading service, or personally assuring third parties, police officers, or expert witnesses are doing what is required to protect our clients’ best interest and help their families.

With Sharon on their side, our clients are always kept informed and updated on the status of their case. She is the attorney’s liaison with the court and continues to keep the court staff on their toes.

She has extensive experience performing family law paralegal work both in private practice and for the county courts, and an in-depth understanding of the processes necessary to move a family law case forward.

Sharon has experience working in all of the Bay Area family law courts, as well as San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. She has developed an extensive list of court resources, contacts, and savvy fixes for the various kinds of emergencies  and crises presented by our clients’ family situations.

When she is not working as our magical unicorn, Sharon is enjoying her 4 children and grandson, playing with her dog, Chloe, or planning her next adventure.