Why Moving Out During Your Divorce Is A Bad Idea

San Francisco CA divorce attorneysDivorce is certainly a challenging and trying time, and the lengthy nature of the divorce process itself only makes things worse. If you’re sharing a roof with your soon to be ex-spouses, things get difficult and awkward quickly, which will give you the urge to get away and move out.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the divorce process in California, giving into that urge can prove to be a major mistake. We at Fenchel Family Law always suggest that you wait until your divorce is finalized to avoid potential problems, especially those involving child custody battles and financial arrangements between you two.

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Understanding the Differences Between Divorce and Annulment in California

San Francisco CA divorce attorneysAt Fenchel Family Law, people often ask us whether they should seek a divorce or explore the possibility of getting an annulment. The thing is, these two options are very different from one another, and in many cases getting an annulment isn’t really an option.

The reason for this is simple. A divorce is a legal termination of an existing marriage or union. A petition for divorce can be filed for a variety of reasons that make reconciliation a challenging task, and a spouse/domestic partner does not need to have a specific reason to pursue a divorce.

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