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Ask a California Family Law Attorney: Benefits of Mediation?

As many can attest, the battles and feuds that break out during divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, and other matters involving family law are often bitter and explosive affairs. These are the types of issues that truly bring out the worst in 07individuals, many of whom will do anything to hurt the other party even if it impacts their own interests. Not only that, but drawn out proceedings quickly become expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally-draining affairs.

This is why most family law attorneys, including those of us at Fenchel Family Law PC, always advocate for mediation when possible. To put it simply, mediation is a legal process where both parties work together to find mutually-agreeable resolutions, usually via the assistance of a neutral third party known as a mediator.  

Mediation Leads to Better Results and Greater Satisfaction

Mediation carries seriously major benefits, with one of the main benefits an economic one. Lengthy divorce proceedings are prohibitively expensive affairs that continuously drain your resources the longer they go on. In contrast, mediated divorces can be resolved quickly and at a fraction of a cost that traditional proceedings typically run.

Another major benefit of mediation is the simple fact that this allows both parties to come together and build an arrangement on their own accord, rather than relying on a judge or strict, unflinching guidelines. From our experience, this leads to more favorable resolutions that benefit everyone, especially children who are caught in between.

Mediation also promotes positive interactions between ex-spouses, which is not only beneficial to themselves and the well-being of their children, but also makes a lot of sense from a logistics point of view. After all, you’ll have to cooperate to maintain the arrangement that is ultimately established.

Count on A Trusted California Family Law Attorney For All Your Mediation Needs

This wraps up our brief write-up on the benefits of mediation! If you have any other questions about mediation, or simply want to learn more about how a family law attorney can help you with your divorce and mediation matters in California, know that we at Fenchel Family Law PC are here to help! Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation.