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We understand that  family law matters are stressful. Some issues can affect your financial stability while others may change your relationship with your children. It is important to know, however, that you do not have to go it alone. We can help you overcome
the obstacles you are facing to achieve a solution that is right for you.

At Fenchel Family Law PC, we are compassionate toward our clients because
we know how challenging family law matters can be. However, we are also
aggressive advocates who use our knowledge and experience to pursue the
best solution for you.

Call our San Francisco office today at
(415) 805-9069 or
contact us online to learn more about how we can help you. We serve clients in Alameda,
Contra Costa, San Mateo, and the entire Bay Area.

Experienced Attorneys Advocating for You

Divorce lawyer Valerie Fenchel has years of experience handling family law matters for people in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. As a former associate at premier San Francisco Bay Area family law firms, she knows how to handle even the most complex cases. As the lead attorney
at our firm, she is a true advocate for her clients.

Our team know the processes and procedures that will affect your case. We listen to the needs and concerns of our clients, and do everything in our power to achieve their goals. We thoroughly understand the needs of parents who have found themselves facing difficult situations like  divorce, child custody disputes, and  domestic violence matters. As your representative, we will be on your side from start to finish.

Reasons to Choose

Fenchel Family Law PC
  • We Help You Take Your Life Back

    We empower our clients to take their lives back as they navigate parenthood marriage, & divorce toward more vibrant futures.

  • Personalized Attention

    No case is the same. We take the time to listen to our clients and really understand their goals and the future they are trying build.

  • Holistic Approach

    Divorce can impact many areas of your life; therefore, we help our clients identify potential snares and give them the tools they need.

  • Honest & Straightforward

    We pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor. If we feel pursuing something could negatively impact your case, it’s our job to let you know.

Meet The Team

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Our Process

After you set up an appointment, you will receive an intake sheet by email
to fill out and return in advance of your consult. Filling out this intake
sheet will give you the opportunity to start gathering together the information
required to move your family matter forward.

All consults are held over Zoom for a stress-free experience from where
you feel most comfortable. Please be sure to send us, or have all the
documents we require in advance of the consult to make the best use of
our time together.

On the day of your consult, you will have the opportunity to share the
entirety of your circumstances with your trusted counsel. Please have
all documents and information concerning your marital assets, your and
your spouse’s incomes, and your last few years of tax returns. If
you have any questions as to what you will need for your meeting, please
call or email us. We are available to answer any questions you may have
to help you make the most of your consult.

We challenge you to stop justifying staying in a bad marriage, and instead
make that appointment with an attorney and seek that advice from the only
person that you are literally paying to tell you exactly like it is and
help you navigate your way to the life that you deserve. At the end of
the day, you are not a victim of your circumstances. If you don’t
like the situation you are in, you have the power to change it.

Call (415) 805-9069 today to secure our help in changing your situation.

Here are examples of topics that may be covered during your initial consult:

Child custody: If you have children, you will be advised as to the available parenting
plans which may meet your children’s best interests and accommodate
your unique family circumstances and scheduling needs. This is your opportunity
to share any and all concerns you may have as to how custody will be determined.
You will learn about the process the court uses to determine custody and
visitation as well as the alternative methods available for parents that
agree to resolve custody and visitation by agreement.

Child and  spousal support: You will be asked the necessary questions about your marital finances
and provided comprehensive answers to your legal questions so that you
have a clear understanding as to what you can expect to pay/be paid in
child and spousal support, so that you may plan out your financial future.

Attorney fee awards: During your consult, you will be advised as to the California laws that
may be applied to your case to secure payment of your attorneys’
fees from your spouse if your spouse makes more money than you. If you
make more money than your spouse, you will be advised as to the California
laws that may protect you from paying fees if your spouse behaves unreasonably
and frustrates settlement.

Division of assets: You will have the opportunity to provide all the information about your
marital assets so that you may learn what assets will likely remain yours,
as well as what assets will likely be deemed community assets and be divided
by agreement or a court order. By the end of the meeting, you will have
an action plan with clear deadline to assist you in accessing the financial
resources you require to start living the life you deserve.

Wish You Could Hit The Reset Button?

We believe you can start over and the future you dream of is possible. That is why we are here to help you navigate the legal process and take the next steps toward a better, brighter future.

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