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Is Parental Interference Undermining Your Rights?

Custody battles might formally end after a ruling is handed down, but conflict is often far from over when it comes to divorce and custody arrangements. We at Fenchel Family Law PC see it time after time: feuding parents continue their efforts to undermine one another, often engaging in what is known as parental interference.

Are you dealing with custody issues and parental conflicts even after your case has concluded? This post explores the different types of parental interference and provides you with some pointers to keep in mind. Remember that the attorneys at Fenchel Family Law PC are here to help if you’re looking for more specific advice!

What Is Parental Interference?

Parental interference can describe many different behaviors and actions. In simple terms, parental interference describes any action that obstructs the parental rights of the other parent. This primarily applies when an individual is actively disobeying court-determined orders and arrangements, and parental interference can be classified as either direct or indirect.

Direct parental interference is overt by nature. This describes actions such as physically keeping a child away from the other parent, relocating without seeking approval from the courts and the other parent, and deliberately violating custody arrangements.

In contrast, indirect parental interference can describe any type of action that could have a negative impact on the child’s relationship with the other party. Bad-mouthing the other parent, undermining his/her decisions, and influencing communications all fall under indirect parental interference.

A Family Law Attorney Helps you Fight Back Against Parental Interference

We at Fenchel Family Law PC understand how frustrating it is to have the other parent interference with your relationship with your child. If you’re dealing with this or any other type of family law issue in California, you should consult with a skilled family law attorney at your earliest convenience. We at Fenchel Family Law PC can ensure that your rights are preserved and that all custody arrangements are being enforced. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.