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Getting a Second Opinion in a Family Law Case – Should You Do It?

In family law cases, it’s not uncommon to have questions or doubts about the strategy your attorney lays out for your case. But does that mean you should get a second opinion from another lawyer entirely? Today, we’re writing about some of the warning signs that indicate a second opinion may help you achieve the best outcome in your family law dispute.

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Is Getting a Second Opinion Legal?

First, it’s important to discuss that some people may be under the misconception that seeking a second opinion is somehow illegal or will harm a contract you have with an attorney. In most cases, this is completely false. If your attorney has told you not to seek a second opinion, you should be worried.

Seeking a second opinion is completely normal, and many clients consistently refer to more than one attorney throughout their disputes. Barring unique circumstances, you should have nothing to fear from seeking a second opinion. That being said, let’s get into some of the reasons you may want to get a second opinion on your case.

You Don’t Feel You’re Being Listened To

Many attorneys have busy schedules, but it’s never an excuse for failing to listen to a client’s concerns. You should never feel as though your attorney isn’t listening to your concerns, or is steamrolling you to do whatever they think is best.

The same applies if your attorney appears to be spending too little time on your case or doesn’t seem to know important details when you talk with them. You’re paying to put them on retainer – you should be confident that they’re putting in the necessary hours to get you the best outcome in your case.

If you feel like your attorney is simply disregarding your opinions about your case, it may be time to seek a second opinion.

Your Attorney Advocates for a Strategy You Don’t Feel Comfortable with

Let’s say you want an amicable divorce, and would like to use a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation, to achieve that goal. At first, your attorney agrees, but then they tell you during a consultation that they’ll be pursuing a trial in court, confident that litigating your case will produce better results.

They could be right, but they could also be misjudging your case for a variety of reasons. If your attorney starts employing methods that you aren’t confident are right for you during your legal dispute, a second opinion may help you find another lawyer who suits your needs better.

Something Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Gut feelings often have something behind them. If you just feel like something is wrong with the way your attorney is handling your case – even if you can’t pinpoint what – it may be worth it to seek a second opinion. Worst-case scenario, another attorney reaffirms your lawyer’s actions, and you can rest easy. Best case, you learn your gut feeling was correct, and can work with an attorney who will give you the counsel you deserve.

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