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When Should I Fight Out My High Asset Divorce?

When in a high-conflict divorce with high-valued assets, you may feel that your negotiations are high stakes. As you discuss contested issues such as child custody and support, you may be concerned about if you are fighting a losing battle or prolonging the overall divorce. Our high asset divorce attorneys share what you should know about choosing to fight out contested issues.

Common Contested Issues We See Fought

When handling high asset divorces, we often see issues such as child custody and support, asset division, and spousal support. Our clients often see these issues as high-stakes, despite issues such as spousal support, child support, and custody being eligible for modification post-divorce. While many of these issues can be adjusted following divorce finalization, it is just as important for the initial court order to reflect your best interests.

Why Issues May Be Fought

When facing these contested issues, fighting for a fair outcome may be in your best interests rather than compromising on these high-stakes issues. Continuing the fight for your desired outcome can demonstrate to your spouse that you are serious about your wishes, and this is not a passing phase. It also demonstrates to the other parties that these are your top priorities in your divorce, and you are not willing to agree to a solution that does not suit your and your children’s best interests.

When Should I Compromise?

As you fight for your top priorities in your divorce, you may face a longer overall divorce period and high tensions between yourself and your spouse. If you feel that you will no longer be able to communicate with your spouse regarding these issues or that a decision may not be reached together, you may need to pursue litigation or arbitration to involve a third party to help with solution creation.

Your attorney is here to help you navigate this process, and they may find that fighting for a specific issue may not be in your best interests during your divorce. If they feel this way, they will tell you and redirect your efforts toward an issue they believe is important for you and beneficial for your and your children’s best interests. Your attorney has the experience necessary to guide you through this high-stakes process and can help you identify when you are in a losing battle before all is lost.

Take Your Life Back

A high asset divorce can be extremely stressful as you fight for your best interests. Our high asset divorce attorneys at Fenchel Family Law PC will do everything in our power to advocate for your best interests and to fight for your freedom in your divorce.

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