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How Do You Handle Divorce at Work?

Divorce Can Affect You at Work

Your divorce can have an impact on your work life and performance. Because of divorce-related stress, you may struggle with being distracted or with feeling less efficient at tasks. Your workplace relationships may also suffer because of the stigma divorcing individuals can face.

To better manage your divorce at work, you should consider telling your manager or Human Resources (HR) department. They may have resources for you and can help you with needed adjustments during the divorce process.

You should also be sure to prioritize self-care. For instance, you can’t perform well at work or throughout your day if you don’t eat well or stay hydrated or take care of your mental health.

Do You Have to Disclose Your Divorce to Your Boss?

It is not required that you disclose, that you are getting divorced, to your employer or boss. However, it can be in your best interest to professionally address your divorce with your boss.

If you are litigating your divorce, you will have less control over the dates and times of your court sessions, and you may need to leave early or modify your hours in the coming months. Even if you plan to engage in divorce mediation or a collaborative divorce, telling your boss can still be beneficial. However, you should not use your divorce as an excuse for not meeting your commitments.

You may also need to ask your boss or the HR department about how to remove your spouse as a beneficiary or dependent on certain insurance or benefit plans. Keeping your boss in the know can also help you avoid certain awkward social situations during company parties and discussions.

Tips for Telling Your Boss About Your Divorce

If you are wondering how to discuss such a personal matter in a professional setting, here are a few tips to help you approach the conversation with your boss:

  • Only discuss relevant details. You should avoid oversharing and discussing in-depth the reasons for your divorce or marital issues; when you approach the conversation, simply focus on how your work might be impacted, concerning scheduling and work time.
  • Discuss what they should expect. If you already have your court or mediation session dates or know that you now have to handle childcare pick-ups, you can give your boss more warning on why you may need extra time or understanding.
  • Do not use your divorce as an excuse. As we mentioned, you shouldn’t slack off and blame your divorce for your performance. While you may be struggling emotionally, you shouldn’t abuse your employer’s compassion. If you are stressed, you can ask about employee assistance programs, such as on-site therapy.
  • Ask about paperwork. Ask your boss what the process is to update your marital status for tax and healthcare information. If you plan to move, you will likely have to complete a change of address as well. They may refer you to the HR department if they do not have the information or documents.

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