Is it true that the courts favor the mother over the father in child custody disputes?

I’m going to be honest with you, I have seen courts favor the mother over the father in child custody disputes. That is why I’m so passionate about helping fathers secure their rights to their kids. It is imperative that your family law attorney educate the court about how you have been caring for your child, especially if you are the father because these days its the father that’s just as likely as the mother to have been the primary caretaker. Yes, I will agree with you, judges can be biased and they can see the mother as the primary caretaker, even when she hasn’t been doing the primary caretaking. And as a father, oftentimes, it can be a little awkward or uncomfortable for you to be as direct with that judge, letting that judge know exactly what work you’ve been putting in and what caretaking responsibilities you’ve been taking on. It’s so important that you meet with your family law attorney and practice talking about what you’ve been doing so that when the time does come for you to come to that recommending mediator or judge you are comfortable talking about it and letting that judge know what you genuinely believe is in your children’s best interest so that your rights are considered and the orders that are made are actually going to benefit your child.