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Why Moving out During Your Divorce Is a Bad Idea

Divorce is certainly a challenging and trying time, and the lengthy nature of the divorce process itself only makes things worse. If you’re sharing a roof with your soon to be ex-spouse, things get difficult and awkward quickly, which will give you the urge to get away and move out.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the divorce process in California, giving in to that urge can prove to be a major mistake. We at Fenchel Family Law PC always suggest that you wait until your divorce is finalized to avoid potential problems, especially those involving child custody battles and financial arrangements between you two.

Moving Out and Child Custody

When a parent willingly leaves the family home, this places them at risk of being unable to establish a visitation schedule that allows you to retain custodial parental rights. California family law states that the courts are not to consider the absence or relocation of either parent when handing down decisions on child custody matters, provided that said absence was only brief. Unfortunately, completely moving out of the family home can make it difficult for you to prove that your absence was only brief, and that you continued staying in regular contact with your child.

How Moving Out Can Impact Your Finances

Something that many individuals overlook is the possibility that, as the primary breadwinner of the family, they are required by California law to continue providing for the family living arrangements, which is often set in motion by a “status quo order.” Needless to say, paying for two places is a financially-draining requirement that could cause your situation to spiral downwards. Remember, you want to be prepared for all legal fees and other basic needs that you’ll require during your divorce proceedings.

Reach Out To Reputable California Divorce Attorneys

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