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What Do You Do With Social Media When Divorcing?

Many of us regularly use social media and share some of the most intimate details of our lives through various platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook. Unfortunately, if you are getting divorced, the posts you share online can come back to haunt you in court, potentially derailing your settlement. The best course of action you can take is to stop social media. Take a hiatus until your divorce is final.

Why is Social Media Usage Dangerous During a Divorce?

Although social media is an excellent tool for staying in contact with friends and family, it can get you into trouble if you continue sharing online while in the middle of divorce proceedings. Even if you refrain from venting about your spouse or spilling all the details about your divorce, using social media is still risky. The friends you share with might relay the information to your spouse, so you should never assume anything you post online is private.

If you cannot completely withdraw from social media, we have some tips you should consider:

  • Do not share memes or posts that have negative views about marriage
  • Do not share posts about your children
  • Do not share any pictures
  • Do not allow other users to tag you on social media
  • Do not share posts about any purchases or vacations
  • Do not share posts about dating
  • Do not badmouth your spouse

If you have any doubts about a post you wish to make, do not share it. Nothing you share online is more important than the outcome of your divorce. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if you would be comfortable with a judge seeing your post before you share it. Your divorce decree can impact your life for many years to come, so do not risk it all on social media.

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