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5 Ways to Survive the Holidays as a Divorced Parent

The holiday season brings cheer and joy, but it can also be stressful, especially for divorced parents. Dealing with an ex and split households makes this time difficult, but it’s important to keep one thing at the front of mind— your kids. The best gift you can give them is to make the holidays happy and enjoyable for them. This includes working with your co-parent to figure out the essential details, as hard as that may be.

Our team at Fenchel Family Law PC shares the following steps to survive the holidays as divorced parents.

5 Tips to Survive the Holidays as Divorced Parents

1. Plan ahead. You must create a plan with your co-parent that includes when and where your children will be to eliminate any chances of an unexpected surprise. Make sure to confirm the schedule in writing via text message or email, and don’t forget to keep the kids in the loop. This is also extremely helpful in blended families, where parents may be planning vacations or separate traditions.

2. Avoid a gift-giving competition. A common problem among divorced parents is the desire to outdo the other, but this is a no-win situation. Sometimes it’s best to coordinate with the other parent and give joint gifts to avoid competition.

3. Put your children first. After a divorce, there is often a mixture of negative emotions, including sadness, anger, and disappointment. Listen to how they’re feeling and let them know that it is okay to share these emotions.

4. Create new traditions. It’s a new chapter, meaning now is the time for new, unique holiday traditions. Start a family game night, run a Turkey Trot together, or volunteer to feed the homeless with your children. These new traditions help kids have fun while making the season special.

5. Give yourself a gift. Your kids are likely your first priority but don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Divorced or separated parents may feel sad, alone, and stressed. Use this time to do something special or create a tradition for yourself. By prioritizing your happiness, you will be more upbeat when you get to spend with your children for the holidays.

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