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Should I Send My Children to Therapy?

Divorce can be difficult for all parties involved, but your children may resist this change. All they have ever known is you and their other parent together, and this can be quite unsettling. Our family law attorneys at Fenchel Family Law PC share ways you can help your children through this transition, including beginning therapy.

Beginning Therapy

While children are resilient, major changes, such as their parents’ divorce, can often become unsettling and stressful. If you are pursuing a separation or divorce, you may wish to find a therapist for your child or family so your child can explore their feelings.

What Should I Start With?

You may wish to begin with both family therapy and individual therapy with a child psychologist, or pursue individual therapy for your child only, but this structure can help your child explore their emotions regarding your divorce in a productive and positive manner with an experienced mental health professional at their side.

Benefits of Therapy for Your Child

The therapy process may help your child or teenager better understand the changes occurring in their lives and give them space to express their thoughts about the process. Their preferred mental health individual, often a child psychologist, licensed social worker, or another mental health professional, can help them develop healthy coping methods for any strong emotions or anxiety they may feel due to your divorce.

Consulting On Custody Matters

This professional can also consult when building your child custody and time-sharing agreements, submitting to the court what they believe may be in the child’s best interest, whether it be joint custody, supervised visitation, or another custody arrangement.

Strengthening Your Relationship

Beginning therapy with your child may help strengthen your relationship during your divorce. Your child may take these efforts of ensuring they get the mental and emotional support and care they need as an example of you doing your best for your child. Family therapy can also help you discuss the divorce together with the guidance of a mental health professional and you can both try to learn more about the other’s feelings.

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Ending your marriage is an emotional process, not just for you and your spouse, but for your children as well. With your divorce signaling the end of an era, your children may be unsure of what to expect in the future, which is why starting therapy during the divorce process is often beneficial to families.

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