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Can I Change Lawyers During My Divorce?

Sometimes, you may choose a lawyer in good faith and midway through your divorce learn that your attorney may not be the right person for you. Your values may not align, your lawyer may want to do something entirely different strategy-wise, or you may feel like your lawyer isn’t listening to you. You shouldn’t let this discourage you, as you’re not 100% locked into your first attorney in any legal matter.

You have the right to change lawyers at any time, especially if you feel that you and your lawyer no longer have a meaningful relationship regarding your divorce case.

If you are seeking a second opinion on your divorce, contact our divorce lawyers at Fenchel Family Law PC today. We would be happy to give you a no-strings-attached consultation.

Getting a Second Opinion

Meeting lawyers for a second opinion is just like when you interviewed your first attorney at an initial consultation. You may have met with a few attorneys to understand their strategy. When getting a second opinion, you should add an additional focus on how you feel about working with them.

During your second opinion consultation, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I feel comfortable with this team?
  • Would I want to share all details of my divorce with this team?
  • Do I agree with their strategy?
  • Would I feel comfortable with them representing me while I was not physically present?

If you feel positive about this attorney in all aspects and you match their core values, then this may be the divorce attorney for you.

Schedule a Second Opinion With Our Team Today

Our Bay Area divorce attorneys at Fenchel Family Law PC are skilled at mediation, litigation, and ensuring that you feel you are getting the best possible outcome in your divorce. Our priority is making sure that you are comfortable with our team and feel that we are doing all we can with your case. We encourage all new clients to consult with multiple law firms when choosing their initial or secondary legal counsel. There is no obligation attached to an initial consultation with our team, and we’d be happy to discuss your case with you as you seek a second opinion.

If you have any questions about considering a second opinion or changing attorneys, call us today at (415) 805-9069. Our team of skilled attorneys will help guide you through the transition of attorneys.